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Elvis is Busking Outside the Building by Mark and the Mp3s

labelReleased by BTS in 2015, the 16 tracks on this album were great hits for Elvis Presley composed by the greatest song writers of the 1950’s and 60’s.

This Album features the original backing music freshly downloaded from the interweb, mixed with the voice of Mark G. Hayes at Bus Tunnel Studios.

product ID; btscda15-03
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Song include; Now or Never, Teddy Bear, Wooden Heart, In the Ghetto, Suspicious Minds, All Shook Up, Don’t be Crewel, Return to Sender, Blue Suede Shoes, Burning Love, Jail-house Rock, Heartbreak Hotel and more.

Cover photo is at my sister’s birthday party, we hired the costume for my Elvis set.

In development at the BTS right now, is a new Music CD Album by Mark and the Mp3s. Over the past decade I have learned so much about mixing sound, that I decided to go back and record many of my old songs again, with a whole lot of new stuff that is for the most part easy listening.

Songs and tunes include; 95% Tax Bracket, Snakes & Ladders, Cabbage Cake, Re-program the Robots, Alien, Old Number 7 and 8 Ball.

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Video Tutorial – Series

coverIn development at the BTS right now are a series of Video Tutorials on the following subjects;

  1. Easy Guitar Lessons for beginners
  2. Basic Computer and Internet stuff
  3. Using Computers to Record Music

The concept started with using the program Flash to animate chords being played on a guitar, to demonstrate the finger positions and timing for learning a song.
Because I am a musician, you can be sure that sound production values are consistent and at a high standard. Even people who have used computers for decades, still find faster and more efficient ways of doing common tasks, with the Keyboard Shortcut Lists in this series.