Media Services

Mark G Hayes founded Bus Tunnel Studios in 2001 after graduating with a Electronic Multi Media Certificate from NCMT/Carige  [national college of multimedia and technology].

Video Production on a tight budget

In May 2003 with a computer upgrade, a local band called Dead Vicious swapped a new TV/Video Capture Card for a Music Video called Smash the State. The project started with very steady hand-held video shooting of the concert at the top of Cuba Street.
After installing the Capture card into the computer, I plugged in the Video Camera and digitized the video. Then imported into a Video Editing program and started ordering the sequence of events. Meanwhile the band made a better sound recording of the song, so that went into the time line as the editing and consultation sessions continued.
The final rendering I presented was agreed to be an improvement on the original design brief, as I was given scope to let the product evolve. The band posted it on YouTube. Smash the State by Dead Vicious
[ Smash the State on YouTube ]
These procedures are available for any small business Video Staff Training or quality Promotional tools. Great results can be achieved without having to spend thousands.

Web Site Production – an Art Gallery

 I was introduced to while setting up and administered a blog for a small NGO opposing Health Funding Cuts (from 2012 for almost 3 years). Not long after that I started this Blog for Bus Tunnel Studios. Although some of my first 3-column web sites were written in HTML code using notebook and a CSS style sheet file, I soon adopted WordPress for doing all Web Sites.
In 2016 I visited an artist’s house and we started talking about a photo-shoot for the over 60 paintings he has stacked up against every spare wall and space. I use the Annual WordPress Template to get all the latest features, then I modify it to suit the customer and the kind of images, fonts and colours they want to project to the world.
This virtual gallery features the paintings of Evan Baracough in a number of posts called galleries, there is also a slide show of all the paintings activated from the Home Page. It features some tunes by Mark G. Hayes also produced at Bus Tunnel Studios. I also included for Evan, a business card design to match the web site banner.
[ Evan’s Paintings ]

Music Recording Home Studio

 In 1979 I started busking around New Zealand, fruit picking through the week and guitar picking on the weekends. It was a fantastic way to travel and meet all sorts of people. I recorded my for Album in 1087 and released it on chrome tape cassettes.
While at NCMT, one of my tutors was also a sound engineer and heavy metal bass player, I also got a bit of grounding in Multi-track Recording through the 80’s from a few sessions at SAE in Auckland.
The solo song writer has a lot more advanced tools than just a guitar or piano. In a way, the computer sound mixing system is the next instrument to learn. In 2006 my wonderful sister gave me her old Roland electric piano, I have that MIDI up to another computer with sequencer sound software. I only need a very small mixing desk input, as I am only recording 1 or 2 tracks at a time. All of the extra boxes with lots of knobs on, are now on the computer. Things like EQ and noise gates, effects are applied after the recording, so if it’s not quite perfect I can undo and change the effect.
BTS has a few inexpensive microphones, I use an old Yamaha acoustic guitar with a Fishman pickup, a Verter Bass (Fender Copy) and a Vester F-Hole Electric Guitar (Gibson es-335 copy) and a Roland HP 600 Electric MIDI Piano.

 CD Music Albums for Sale

As well as recording the music, I also make layouts and cover designs with all fine print, product ID numbers and even press the sticky label on the disk. At times this place is turned into a low production run factory. It is still cheaper to get the covers done at the printers. This is a design a one-off desktop publishing service. Please check the product Catalogue for more information on BTS products.

In 2015 BTS released a Music CD Album by Mark and the Mp3s called Elvis is Busking Outside the Building. It has the voice of Mark Hayes with the original backing tracks to many of Elvis Presley’s early hits downloaded from the internet. I so love busking with this stuff, not only because I need to dance this gut off, but because people of all ages love these old songs.

Currently I am still working on an original Music CD Album. I am not yet ready to announce when it will be finished, because I haven’t a clue when. I have been using Cakewalk to record music for many years, but you know that I still keep finding new things and tricks to do with it. The sign of a truly great device, but I am sort of slowing down not going faster but if that is what it takes t get s superior product, so be it. Giving re-treatment to some of my old songs and invented a variety of new songs and tunes as well.