Elvis at my Sister’s Birthday

Elvis 1st HIRE SUIT[4dweb]

Mark and the Mp3’s

The first time I got a hired Elvis costume was to do the Elvis has Left the Building show by Mark & the Mp3’s, 2 short sets at my sister Catherine’s 60th birthday party.


After this I will have to make up a costume and buy one of those rubber wigs for doing this sort of thing in future. I have learned something, you don’t have to look like Elvis, in order to look like Elvis.


There were about 70 people through the night, at the Paekakariki surf club hall (up the beach). This was non stop entertainment show, about 5 hours with 2 short Elvis sets between all the European line dancing, a talented lass on bag pipes (it takes great skill to make the pipes sound good) and there were other cultural events and folk music. It keeps me busy all night on the sound mixing desk while shooting the video.

Over the past year or so, I have been getting quite a lot of second hand sound equipment, the 6-channel Euro-Track sound mixing desk, a Peavey bass amplifier and a Ashton powered speaker. This is the first chance I’ve had with it all in a venue hall, so I could turn it all up loud enough to see what my latest PA system is capable of.

The bare wooden walls of the hall created a lot of echo. So it was a bit of work (all night) tweaking the tone on the microphone to prevent prevent screeching feedback.

So I took lots of still photos with a Canon Power-shot and was running 2 video cameras on tripods. My task over the next month or so will be to edit it all together. The Video is shot on 2 Sony-Cams, one even runs on tape and the other a 60GB hard drive. To Capture the Videos, on an old XP computer, is a Video Capture Card, of which I can plug a video camera into. On screen it looks like a TV window, with a record button. I use another program to Edit the videos together and Sonic Foundry to improve the sound. Recording Cultural Events Like this is a change from creating music videos and endless interviews for UCAN.



 There will be a few more posts following this Event

Two days later I finished capturing all the video and still photos of the event. I will edit this video into 2 different products. Watch out for Video Inserts, linked to BTS on YouTube. The two main video products will be as follows;

  1. DVD Movie highlights of the my sister Catherine’s 60th Birthday Party. There is a bit of a time limit (1 month) on for this one. That’s let the cat out of the bag. Now my family knows what they will be getting for Christmas.
  2. DVD Infomercial the show Elvis has Left the Building by Mark & the Mp3’s. Party Function and Wedding Entertainment for Hire.



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