December Busking

Shake Rattle and Roll. They don’t call New Zealand the shaky isles for nothing. Once again it is modern buildings like the Reddings Car-parking building, that is a nightmare. The building I live in has good strength and rides aftershocks quite well. Parts of Wellington Inner City are still cordoned off. It could have been so much worse if the big shake had happened when those streets are packed.
The next day and Wellington Floods so badly that it becomes cut off by road and rail. How many years will it take to open State Highway 1 and Rail from Picton to Christchurch? They might go back to using Littleton like before the first rail ferries in the early 1960’s.

upgrade07I was sad when my 12 volt busking amplifier blew up, but that Sony X-Plod had lasted over 10 years. The Universe just made sure that I update the sound of the busking rig at the start of this summer. A week later I spent $90 on a new Fusion car booster amplifier. Some other bills had to wait.
The new 12 volt car booster amplifier, has lots more bass and warmer tone but it’s not any louder. Bus and Truck noise still drowns it out.

 I am trying to slap together a cheep instant CD Music Album, something for presents and perhaps sell a few. This music is a shot in time, a variety of what my set sounds like. Rocking the Footpath by Mark and the Mp3s. Most of the songs are just a vocal track to a backing band and I can churn them out because I get a lot of practice. Other songs I also put in a guitar solo and Albitros I reworked the whole percussion again. The backing I had was just the Bass Guitar, so I added a new hand drum and a shaker to full out the percussion section. The lead guitar on this one is best played without a pick.
What’s next, of yeah if there is a new album, then I also work on another computer to design and print (small run) the CD Cover with inside song list and CD Label, product number etc.

But this time of year, you try and find a good place to set up a busking show. Before you know it another busker will set up close and blast it with a much louder amplifier. It is a lot more of a rat race, than what it was a decade ago when I lived in Wellington city.
Some people think that all us buskers must be making a killing because there are so many of us out there. Summer is not the great busking gold mine I am always told about. The thing is to refine the show and keep learning to play music better.

I got the 12 volt busking sound system working again after just 1 week. Also the backing band music recording rig is working better than before, with a new 24-bit sound card installed into one of my computers. It has been a very difficult year but 2016 has seen a lot of progress in my musical arrangement skills. I am grateful to the universe that I have survived another year and I am not afflicted by pain to prevent me from busking on this day. It takes a lot of hours this time of year.
Once you get the bug for something, growing old is a thing where one grows more patience, well, what’s the option? With my back, doing the “Elvis is Busking Outside the Building” show dance moves, gets me moving and try to hold the huge gut in.
I have real reasons for doing my song and dance, even right outside your blinking shop! Why? because it is good for trade. When I started busking way back in 1979, Street Performance was an offense under section 12 of the NZ Criminal Act.
It was Muldoon who threw out the prohibition against Busking in 1980. There were no buskers at all until I walked up to watch one at the corner of Vulcan Lane and Queen Street when I was about 19.
I do hang out to do it when I haven’t been busking for a while, but busk till I die, I don’t know. Although it is a lot harder work (with a good sound and backing) than some people scoff at, there are much worse things to do to get my kicks in life.


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