a new Guitar in the family


Sometimes I make a little time to help some people I know when they have computer problems. One such kind heart has swapped an almost new guitar for my work as a geek on a bicycle. An old computer does not hold it’s value anything like a well looked after guitar.

Classical Guitar:

All Yamaha guitars are well built and this is no exception. I do not normally go for classical guitars because of the high action. But this one has such a nice sound that I adopted a different playing position to get my notes cleaner. It’s quite a work-out for both wrists. For a good-as-new guitar the sound already has  a beautiful rich and deep resonance.

The shadows in this 1st photo, includes many of my guitars. To the right of the new Yamaha Classical is a Vesta copy of an Electric ES-335-d, and at the top right is the neck shadow of the Vesta Electric Bass Guitar. In the background right are some percussion things and on the left is another restoration round-back 6 string. But my main busking guitar (an old FG-Yamaha Acoustic) is out of the picture, bugger!

Baby’s first Photograph:

Good thing about blogs, soon I will update the photo and nobody will remember that I forgot to move another guitar before taking that shot. My brain was on the lighting and shadow effects a bit too much at the time. Um, it was good practice. Not bad for a night shot hand-held. This was no cell phone, but manual settings on a Canon SX-Powershot. You can also read a post about my home made Visor for the Canon camera.



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