Re-Vamp the Pre-Amp


a New Switch looks way better

Last week my busking amplifier blew up. This week I have been using an acoustic guitar to do the busking song and dance show without the amp. Suddenly I get to remember how much harder work it is to do all the work, compared with playing along with a prerecorded backing band.


preamp-03So another thing I decided to do while saving up to replace the amplifier, is to do a bit of an upgrade for the rest of my busking equipment, in particular the power switch on the pre-amp.
This is a small kit-set that I soldered together over 10 years ago. The Pre-Amp goes between the sound mixer and the slave amp, to give a power boost to the microphone, to get it up with the backing band and the lead electric guitar volume level.


preamp-02While the amplifier itself has been very reliable, the wires kept coming off with all the set up and pack down that band gear goes through. So in replacing that big old switch with a sleek modern switch, I also had to re-pack the insides, to make sure no wires can be pulled off the pins again. Using some plastic spacers and a spare 9 volt battery.



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