Busking Amplifier

Well it has been quite a week, starting with the greatest earthquake in ages and all the aftershocks. The next days Wellington also had some quite bad flooding (cutting off the city for a while) so I was jokingly saying well we are just waiting for a plague of Locusts.

dead-amp Teach me for tempting the gods. The next day I went to go busking and my amplifier died. Yes I checked both of the fuses and used a multi-meter to test my power leads and battery. Next I unscrewed the back of it to look for burned out components. The problem is that if a Chip goes you can not tell with a visual inspection. If it was easy I would just fix it myself. This fault is not so easy. Still no power light.

Getting a technician to look at something like this can cost more that replacing it with a new one. As far as the car booster amplifiers go, I use a very low power setup. 25 watts per channel, bridged into mono gives a total of 50 watts. I doesn’t need to be louder than that for busking. I do not want to frighten away old people and children, who ofen make sure i get paid for the performance.

The least expensive replacement new is about $140. I want to get one second hand for about $50 – $60 but there is a problem. The second hand shops around here seldom ever have electronics. Cash Converters used to be a good source for such stuff, but they moved out of Wellington years ago. The closest in Lower Hutt is closed, due to buildings being cordoned off because of Earthquake damage.

If you have a 50 watt (or more) 12 volt amplifier, please let me know at mark.bustunnel@gmail.com or 122 647 6354.


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