High Court Challenge – Govt selling State Houses

This post is a copy from a flyer published by;
State Housing Action Incorporated [21 Yourk St, Christchurch 8023]
and Wellington Housing Action Coalition [WHAC]

High Court Challenge against the Government selling State Houses, while families live in cars and garages.

State House Action Incorporates is taking the government to court to try and stop the sale of state houses in Tauranga.

If the government can sell state houses in Tauranga then it will be easier to sell state houses all around the rest of the country.

Our Challenge will he heard in the Wellington High Court on Wednesday 9th November.

This decision to sell to IHC (through its subsidiary Accessable Housing) is abandoning the core government responsibility of providing quality, affordable homes to families who need them in Tauranga. Over time the government wants to abandon this responsibility for the rest of the country as well. It is already eyeing up state houses in other areas to sell in their thousands.

This is an unbelievable betrayal of New Zealanders at a time when many thousands of families live in cars, garages or hopelessly overcrowded homes.

Only the government has the capacity and resources to meet the housing crisis for low-income families. It can borrow money more cheaply, use economies of scale when building and has plenty of spare land capacity.


Despite the lawyers giving their services to the challenge free of charge, it is still very expensive to meet the cost of filing fees, hearing fees, etc, for the case.

There are two ways you can help us with this case:

  1. Come along to the Wellington High Court on Wednesday 9th November at 9am and show your support for the legal challenge.
  2. If you can help with the expences of taking this challenge, then please make a donation to the account number below:

Account Name: State Housing Action Inc.
Kiwibank account N0: 38 9018 0028715 00

We wouldn’t ask for financial help if it wasn’t so critical in taking this case

Hope you can help


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