Evan’s Painting e-Gallery

Link to my latest creation [ Evan’s Paintings ] an Artist’s web site.

Procedures 4 – Making a Web Site

Evan Baracough is one of the local artists with a mighty lot of his paintings all over his house. On the walls and stacked up against every other wall. The first time I visited, I knew we would have to put this up on line one of these days.

Stage One: So one day I took a camera and some lighting stuff up the hill. There was over 60 images in that roll-on roll-off photo-shoot. He was quite organized and had the shooting order all worked out in his head.

Back at the BTS Studio, it was a bit of photo-editing to crop and re-size those 50 images, ready for the Inter-web. I did a bit more effects work on 1 of the images and gave it a new post, with a paragraph of text. No dark room or photo developing chemicals required.

Stage Two: I set up a free wordpress.com blog site for the new e-Gallery. I usually select the yearly free WordPress template, to keep up with all the latest features. Then modify the template (twenty sixteen) suit background colour and fonts requirements & style of presentation for each client . Then uploaded all of the images into the site’s media library.

Stage Three: On the right column in the widget menu listing all the posts, I made each post a different Gallery for Portrait, Landscape, Abstract, etc. To finish this stage, I cropped another wide Evan’s painting (hanging in my kitchen) into the dimensions for the top banner image.


There are 3 pages, Home, Contacts and Site details. The home page image is of a large framed professional photo of a much younger Evan in a suit and tie. Next to that is a paragraph sales pitch with a link to the contact details page.

The pages Menu is along the top. Posts are selected from the side menu.

Completed Stage Three      21 September 2016     [version 1.01.11]

Stage Four has 2 new features:

The Menu of Galleries (I found) was not always visible as a side widget. So along the top of every page and post is a new horizontal Gallery Menu. This is a more intuitive way for folk to navigate around the site.

Evan requested that we make a slide show of all 60 images, started from home page. The music sound track for this project was derived from the latest Music CD Album by Mark & the Mp3s. The duration of the slide show at this stage is 5 and a half minutes. The slide show was completed and added to the site in November 2016.

Evan then gave me a big folder of surfing photos around Lyal Bay (south Wellington). The next stage will be to record some of Evan’s music for the soundtrack.

Link to my latest creation [ Evan’s Paintings ] an Artist’s web site.


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