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Creating 2 different Video Tutorials;

After taking some time off for a few other small projects, I have now re-started recording and capture of the Video music lessons. I am also starting another video tutorial on how to record music on a computer. So I am managing two tutorials at once.


There has been good progress with the guitar lesson. Most of the foundation techniques are edited and complete. Now I am at the chapter about learning how to cover a song. I am still learning new songs myself [for my backing band the Mp3’s].  The next song I have selected is a traditional Irish song by Thin Lizzy called The Boys are Back in Town.


The processes of learning a new song;

  1. First download it from and export the Audio track
  2. Make up a very basic drum beat to match the tempo of the song
  3. Chart out where the lyrics and chord changes are on paper
  4. Import the Drum.wav file into Track 1 [multi-track recorder]
  5. Study the Bass, practice it playing with the drum track then Record Bass on Track 2
  6. Study the Strumming Chords guitar part, practice and record on track 3
  7. Lead and backing vocals are recorded on tracks 4 and 5
  8. Do a sound level Mix and include effects and EQ
  9. Add more riffs and licks to the drum track using MIDI
  10. Final Re-mix and Mastering, Burning CD Albums
  11. For a Backing Mix, Mute Lead Vocals & a Guitar part, Export & Encode to Mp
  12. I will conclude the lesson with some video of be busking with the new song
  13. archive


So as you can see, Recording Music is also one of my training tools. That makes it easy to set up some of the video shoots of these processes, to be useful for both tutorial projects. All that needs to change is the Narration (which is recorded later) to reflect the different tasks context.


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