Making BTS Video Tutorials

This year I started a new video project as a Teaching Aid. If a picture can paint a thousand words, then a Video can cut straight to the chase. At times over the years I have been asked to teach guitar, as a 1 on 1 series of 3 to 5 lesson.

For each pupil over 3 decades, I have desktop published up some course notes and set a few pages of homework for practice. The first few parts are there about the same. Then I find out what kind of music the pupil wants to play, to select the kind of tunes to use as examples for the course conclusion. The Guitar Lesson notes that spewed out of the printer from a PDF file, is the basis for the first Video Tutorial in this BTS Series about music.

Following making a few music videos and short animated videos, it was a matter of time before I would attempt to make Tutorial Videos. Not to add any pressure or nothing, I am now making 2 videos at the same time. This will save effort and ensure continuity. One Tutorial is a beginners guide to playing guitar. The other Tutorial is about how to record and mix multi-track music on a home computer.

I set aside almost 2 weeks to write the video shoot page and the Narration. While the spoken word is quite good for assembling picture insert placement and fades, along the time line, it is a lot to read and hard work before the camera.

Many issues were resolved about light and white balance, also casting shadows on the background mural, with strips of masking tape on the floor marking positions where to stand and place the tripod. The mic is well placed just out of frame towards the camera, but not in the way of people walking through that part of the small room.

The results so far, have only sent me straight back to the Scripting process again. While the sound has been very goon on every take, shooting video of my face as I talk through the lessons has been more challenging.

At first I tried reading for a long stretch. I was loosing focus for whole seconds at a time and my eyes kept shifting while I read the script from a screen to one side. Light reflected badly from my reading glasses. The solution I decided on for this, is to only record video of 1 paragraph at a time. I hope that I can remember that much, so as to maintain eye good contact with the camera, without glasses at all. With practice for every paragraph it will be a long process to assemble each chapter, but the results should improve enough.

The other thing is that I am at all comfortable about turning the video camera on myself. So the slow process is to help me establish a relaxed-looking, flowing style. I want it to be easy to watch and keep the focus, without any of those little getting lost moments .





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