Recording a Demo at the BTS

Media Production

Studio ONE

Studio ONE

6-track Mixing Desk Computers 1 & Com 2 with Zoom effects rack send & return. Compact but older reliable  Windows XP 16-bit stereo. Also in view a printer, a CD Label press and nice headphones.

With a small mixing desk I can record two tracks at a time, on a PC computer with Multi Track Recording program & Duplex Sound Card. Most time Recording is done one Track at a time.

  • Recording from your drum machine (we sorry can’t full drum kit or whole band playing live in the studio, but great as a composing tool).
  • Many folk start with drums (or MIDI Click) on track 1, Bass on track 2 guitar on track 3, vocals on 4, etc.
  • For musical instruments without a pickup, we use pencil microphone quite close to the sound board. Or plug in for a blend of both sounds.
  • Or, we can start song with Guitar and Microphone to do the first take. The process is quite flexible and every recording is a crafted individual. I can even play Bass at times to help develop a song upon request (small fee).

1 studio A deskHome Recording

  • This is my home on the top of a block of flats, so Big Volume is not going to be happening in this small bedsit studio.
  • There is an Airport in a nice view and main road noise at times. So we have to pause for it to fly away then resume and there’s not much room but it’s all good.
  • Most of the recording is done on headphones. The speakers are small but quite accurate. Not loud enough to get me told off.
  • There are 3 computers (to also capture video from camera) for video editing. Then prep and upload to Youtube.
  • Record Mix, Wave file and Video Editing since Mastering Mix. Encoding and uploading.

front cover[2]The final product

Mix can be burned to Audio CD (small run) with printed label & cover design ready for the printer’s shop (if you want a mass run). For new Demo  Multi Track Recording, a new blank USB stick is required (8 gb +).
The full song mixes can be encoded to Mp3 in a folder containing original capture files, Then you can re-mix, at some later time.


For years as a Busker, I had just my voice and a guitar. One day I got an old amplifier in 2001 I started to record music on a computer.

My Backing Band

I go busking with a prerecorded backing band, for a full sound. The Mark and the Mp3’s Show. With a larger powered speaker and the mixing desk. I also perform a live show called Elvis is Busking, Outside the Building….
When I get some spare time, I’ve been able to compose the odd (some say very odd) tunes. Making stuff up on the spot and recording as you go is great fun, so I enjoy teaching the subject Although it is a common old PC computer and only a small mix input desk, it is CD Audio quality 44,100 Khz in 16-bit stereo.
But because it is digital there is no hiss and lots of head room. BTS is making upgrades often so this might be out of date now.

Bus Tunnel Studios
Mark G. Hayes
Wellington, New Zealand
022 647 6354

All that Said, a day in the life of 4 computers

Have you ever had one of those days when every machine you touch stops working or developes a fault you have never seen before? I have learned that I can not do everything on just 1 computer, so now the studio is designed to run on no less than 4 computers.

  • Studio ONE = Computer 1 & Com 2.  Studio TWO = Com 3 & Com 4.
  1. Internet hi-speed, fast dual core with best graphics, win 7 & Ubuntu
  2. Sound Recording workstation, Win XP sp3
  3. Studio TWO has a Video Capture Card in Com 3 to plug in the SonyCam
  4. This is for Testing new devices and configurations. Get bugs sorted first

One day almost every one of the oldest computers all packed a sad and just go beep at me, wont even start. I have been doing everything else around here to avoid having to try all that again, but I do need to get something working for Com 4 before I can test out a 2nd hand M-Audio Card I got a while back. I am trying to upgrade from 16 to 24 bit rate quality.


I never did manage to get the video capture card to stop conflicting devices with full duplex sound recording, so I had to resort to using more computers for different media tasks. But sometimes late at night when I quietly walk back into the studio from the kitchen, I can almost hear them whispering to each other, “shut up he’s back.” I tell you , each of these computers has a mind of it’s own.


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