Name Announced for New CD Album

 A busker with a mini recording studio on a home computer, is making his own backing tracks by learning, practicing, then recording each guitar, vocal, piano and bass tracks, one at a time. Mark and the Mp3’s is best known (to Kilbirnie shoppers) for an impersonation album and live show with downloaded backing  music (It was not me playing in the backing). The first CD in the project was called Elvis is Busking Outside the Building.

 I required more songs to fill out the set for doing proper gigs with my small PA rig, so I give the full treatment to many other songs I’ve done for years solo? The name of the second CD by Mark and the Mp3’s is The Great Cover Up, a collection of great cover songs.

Most bands I have ever been in, I was playing the Bass guitar. These new backing tracks are a lot more satisfying to play live with.  Although there have been a few duplex recording issues at the end of last year, some recording and editing is progressing on 10 song so far.

 Yes there was a transition idea that links the first two albums by Mark and the Mp3’s. At the end of the year i sort of throw together a lot of the stuff I have been recording that year. I burn a CD and press a label (no cover to cut cost) and give it to friends and family as a Summer Solstice present. At the end of 2015 that CD was called Impersonating a Covers Band. A followup album when I’m trying not to be doing a sequel.

The Great Cover Up
A CD album collection of Great Cover songs

Concept Album
At first glance you might react to the protest song thing before reading the sub title. There will be some protest and suspicion songs about government and relationships
The 1960’s and 70’s provided the backbone for most pub bands that followed. Some of the material can be erotic, but not the focus of the entire album

In deciding what songs to include on such an album, its important to define what a great cover song is. Often songs that were classic hits will not cut it for many reasons. Most of these songs will appear in the billboard top 40 charts though. Although I am swayed by my personal favorite songs, and songs that I have been busking with since the early 1980’s, all songs in this collection must still be pub band material. I must be able to live with every song because I intend to use them as my backing band.

Is it all Covers?
Many of the old school pub bands had in their number, quite skilled songwriters. It was not always out of the question, but no more than two or three per night. There were two main pub band touring franchises to be on, Lion or Dominion Brewery. A lot has changed in New Zealand since the 1970’s. Because in many of the best venues in Wellingtion great importance is placed on performing your own material, I have included a few milder tunes with similar tempo and feel.



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  1. Class…fair play!! Wrote a small piece about our experience the first time we went to a recording studio to record our own original songs…give it a read / listen if you’re interested…

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