Dec 2015 Up-date

Technology, don’t you just love computers?

Some kinds of machines know just when you need them the most, then they choose to stop. Every time I turn it on, it just keeps beeping. Change the button battery on the motherboard, then swapped some good memory sticks in and it still would not start. That beep can get on your nerves, but no. This is just one battle of man v. machine. That PC (Pile of Circuits) will not beet my feeble peanut of an organic brain.
 Get the next backup computer out of the closet. It was doing the same thing to me a year ago. This time it started straight away with no problems at all. It runs quiet which is why I got it. A small modification and this clone will be fine for my purposes.


Recording Music Schedule

 I have been trying to quickly record another CD Album, before the end of the year, and provide more backing with my live shows. Impersonating a Covers Band is not quite the follow up to my last production, Elvis is Busking Outside the Building. Ok for the last album I sort of cheated, downloading good Elvis backing bands from the internet.
This time I am learning every part of every song, and layering it 1 take at a time, so my backing band ‘Mark and the Mp3’s‘ will also feature myself. Playing every part on the new song lisp has been quite a learning curve. Most line-ups I play Bass and backing vocals, busking I front a prerecorded backing band.

Recording music onto a computer requires a few things. You do not need the huge mixing desks like you see video in the fancy studios, a small 4-track provides a balanced line input. The computer’s sound card is the thing to watch out for. To record multi-track one part at a time, you must be able to hear all of the existing tracks, but also hear yourself as you are recording. This is called a Full Duplex sound card.
None of my backup clones in the closet will record the way I want, so tomorrow I will have to buy a new sound card, to continue recording. At 2 weeks till Christmas, I better get on with it. This is not so much to have another CD for sale for the stocking, but I want to have those 6 new Backing Band songs for my Live Busking performances by next week.

Money and Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd, Proud Mary – CCR, Heard it through the Grapevine, Sunshine of Your Love – Cream and Where do the Children Play – Cat Stevens.

Recording One song about every 3 days (with music tab words and practice). When that computer at last gave up the ghost, it was a sad thing. It is all right because I can recover every file on the hard drive. I built that AMD Athlon PC from a pile of new parts back in 2003. That clone has served me well for many long time. But like I was saying, so much for my schedule, and life is what happens when we are so occupied with plans. I thought this is a good time to get this blog a bit more up to date.

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