Recording 2 CD Albums at Once

front cover[2]Elvis is Busking outside the Building by Mark & the Mp3’s

One of the local part-time buskers Evan, was in the studio to record some songs with his guitar. He has not played music with other people very much, um, timing was an issue.

After 2 sessions we decided to cheat and just get him to sing along with some nice backing tracks. He was still a bit late coming in on the verses, but I just slide things along on the time-line to fit. By the end of the coaching, he was singing with confidence & perfect timing. The title; It’s Now or Never by Evan Barraclough.

So while I have the Multi-Track Recording program open on these songs, I just mute his vocal track and record my vocals on the next track. Some songs I also include a lead guitar solo track. It just made sense to make my own Elvis Tribute CD Album, at the same time. Even the file I used to make Evan’s Album Cover, I duplicated pages and altered them for My own CD Cover & label. For the Label, I tried to imitate the style of old 45 rpm records.

labelThe sticky labels that stamp onto the disks, they come in special die-cut sheets of two. It takes a few draft prints on plain paper, to line up the circles exactly where they will print. The template looks like a target, with the company logo along the top of the label. The album cover is printed on high gloss heavy-weight paper.

Most of you will know that printing draft quality text is one thing on a home computer printer, but to print full colour photographs uses a lot of very expensive printer ink.


 To go to your local commercial printer and get 600 covers done is the best way to reduce the unit cost. A box of 5 disks with proper jewel cases is about $8. Domestic computer printers cost a fortune to feed. CD sales are not what they used to be, so how much can one charge for a CD?, I hope to get NZ $15. Considering how many hours have gone into making the product, there is not much mark-up (per unit) when re-production is done at home.

track listThe Song List

The King did many covers of popular hits of the times in his live shows, so there are a few represented here. The songs Elvis had a hit with, I have included the Composer and date when it was released. The stats I got from a quick search on Wikipedia. This is a studio rendition of the show that I perform live, on stage and on the pavement.

 Elvis introduced a lot of white folks to black music and did it with all the energy of black gospel music, while other white folk would sanitize Little Richard songs for the Cable TV market. So Elvis the Pelvis was quite a revolution in the mid to late 1950’s. It is important to remember the back-lash at the times, against Rock & Blues Singers who changed the words of hims from Lord into Baby. Therefore, this Devil’s music, would send them all to hell. But it was still quite okay, to dump barrels of atomic industrial waste into the sea.



 There is a laptop doing all the printing at one end of the room, while the big computer is burning the CDs with the music files on the hard drive.  Burning is done set very slow 8x speed. Although it can burn fast as 40x, the disks are more reliable and last longer if burned slow as possible. The covers are wet when they come out of the printer. I leave them to dry for hours before trimming, so as not to smudge the hi-gloss paper.

 Sticky Labels are printed on a custom size sheet [2 labels per sheet]. The labels are die-cut, so after printing it is easy to peel off. Place the label sticky-side-up in the press [CD Stomper] and put the disk on top, then press down to accurately apply label to the disk. Rub out any air bubbles and place disk inside the CD case, to the finish the product assembly. 5 disks go back into the box, then into my pack, to be for sale the next time I go Busking.

First Published May Day 2015 by Mark G. Hayes


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