Wellington Festivals 2015

The 3 big gigs started with a storm instead of another great Island Bay Festival. The month of March this year has become quite unstable.

The next week was a show down between two festivals in Kilbirnie.  The local Business assoc. takes over an event that was built up by someone else over 16 years. Between the songs (the new one on Bay Rd) Elvis said, “It takes 2 Festivals this year to contain Kilbirnie. There is another perfectly good festival folks, just down that road at Saint Pats’ College. ” However both festivals were smaller than last year, they are both starting out. In my opinion the better Music and Food was at the festival that was forced to move out of the Bay Road shopping streets, to a college just down the road.

But the big Festival this year is the Newtown Fair. The Cuba Carnival does not happen every year. This was planned to become the biggest Newtown Festival ever, with a lot more side streets towards the Zoo end. But for the two days before it, there was a huge thunder storm. But that morning was brilliant sunshine and the day just kept getting hotter. Rivers of happy people.

All festivals have the usual circus rides and junk food. Each had other food and lots of small stages around the event, to keep live music and the party happening. Political and Single-Issue stalls were thin on the ground. I give my tick of approval to the Living Wage stall in Green St, Newtown.

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