Elvis Has Left the Building

This all started with a gig at the James Cook Hotel on the Terrace. I managed to locate some excellent backing tracks, for me to sing along with. Since then I have been polishing the show while busking to a street Audience in Kilbirnie.

 I do not look at all like Elvis so this is not another Elvis Impersonator Show, it is a tribute show to the King of Rock’n’Roll and features his musical arrangements and vocal styles. Through all my decades of Busking, I have studied how to imitate different Artists and the vocal techniques they employ. I might not look anything like Elvis, but I sure can sing just like him, and then add something unique of myself into the performance.



Song List

While most of these Songs are Elvis Original Chart Hits, Elvis performed a number of cover versions of the hits of the day and made them uniquely his own. I have done my best to nail it in the same way.

  1. My Way by Frank Sanatra
  2. Burning Love
  3. It’s Now or Never
  4. Teddy Bear
  5. Suspicious Minds
  6. Return to Sender
  7. Delighla by Tom Jones
  8. You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling by the Righteous Bros.
  9. Are You Lonesome Tonight
  10. All Shook Up
  11. Blue Suede Shoes
  12. Heartbreak Hotel
  13. Jailhouse Rock
  14. Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding
  15. You’re the Devil in Disguise
  16. Don’t Be Cruel
  17. Wooden Heart




I was intending to make some music videos to promote the show this year before the end of year work parties, etc but I had to postpone that idea until sometime next year. The thing is that I am getting a set of dentures at the moment, so they have been pulling most of my remaining teeth out. I went in there singing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, but it takes so long for the swelling to go down before they can make a casting for the mold, that it ain’t gonna happen this year.

 So as soon as I get my new choppers, I have a big back-log of videos to front, that I have been putting off, until my mouth is back into it’s normal shape. I will edit between 2 video cameras and I use my proper 250watt PA system to capture the best sound quality. The video and sound editing is done on a computer. After rendering videos are then uploaded to my YouTube account.

Type Bus Tunnel Studios into the YouTube search engine, for a list of videos of my performances or other videos that I have been making, including a documentary or two.



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