Triple Shot – live at Turbo Bar – April 2014

Triple Shot – performing live at the Turbo Bar, Kilbirnie on the Jam Night.

Gino is on Lead Guitar and Vocals and that’s me on the Bass. There were two drummers and another guitarist who got up on stage to jam with us. We played about half a dozen songs. So please do be warned, this is not a highly polished professional set. Gino and I have only had about 5 or 6 practices so far, Triple Shot is still a very new lineup.

What this video is demonstrating, is how computers (SoundForge) can be used to tidy up the sound. No PA, we were all just playing through guitar amps. There is not much editing because the whole thing was only recorded on one domestic video camera. These are a few highlights of the performance.


Playlist for the set

  • Edited Hilights of the whole Set
  • Smok’n Gun
  • Cold Shot
  • Pride & Joy
  • Texas Flood
  • Still Got the Blues for You
  • Couldn’t Stand the Weather

[ Read More Technical stuff about the making of this video ]


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