Just a Disguise

Recording an Original folk song

This song was first recorded on a 12 String acoustic guitar in 1987. This solo performance, was recorded in Indigo, a Cuba Street Caf’e in Wellington in 2004, blended with other video shot on Kaikaura Beach.

The Video editing wad completed in 2006. This song is complete enough with 1 vocal and a rare 9-string guitar (a modified old Yamaha FG). To get quality sound, I plugged a mini-disk recorder into the line-out on the stage sound mixing desk.Dave Blake was camera operator at the gig.

It’s just a nice old folk song about lust. It was shot on my first video camera, a SonyCam TVR.

(C). Copyright 1987, Mark G. Hayes

Song Lyrics

Just a Disguise


Well I travel along, from day to day
another day will be tomorow
A life on the road, temporary homes
and yet in leaving there is no sorrow


And I might come back one day
two guitars, another song we’ll play
another smoke, we drink the night away
and play, oh how we love to play, with each other


Now i can still see her there
on that distant shore
One day I’d like to go back for more
Pacific Ocean crashing down
on rocks and the sand


In a dream there was reflection
In the moon there was deception
But that magic in her eyes
was just a disguise


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